Notice: as of June, 2018, World Teacher Aid has rebranded as a new non-profit organization called Village Impact. Please visit the Village Impact website to stay up to date or to make a donation to World Teacher Aid

2016 Donor Trip Part 2

Our donor trip this year was one for the record book! It was full of wonderful unexpected surprises that once again contributes to the impact WTA is making in Kenya. This trip for me was one held with much anticipation since taking on the the role of Operations Manager for WTA. This trip sealed the deal for me for my appreciation for how WTA is giving people opportunities to leave a great impact on this world.


My favorite part of the trip for me was seeing our donors see their classrooms and interact with the community. Each day that we at the school we were able to interact with the students, the construction team, or the families of the communities. There were many beautiful moments that took place that transcended the language barrier. There was no need to worry about what was trying to be said, but there was much gratitude that filled each person’s eyes and heart. A warm embrace, a grin from ear to ear, or a Momma who was overjoyed with tears is what this trip was really about. Each moment that was embraced with the community, our donors, or our team truly was felt with the gratitude of this community.



I got a chance to help gather our donors for their “classroom picture” for our photographer. It seemed like a simple task BUT one I will not forget. I ended up with tears in my eyes, because it gave me a chance to see all the behind the scenes work come together as well as seeing the joy each person had. Through this picture I was able to see the life long impact each donor will have in this community.


This school was the fastest construction we have built. Our construction teams were able to accomplish this build in about 3 months. WOW!! The progress of this construction truly was fueled by the gratitude of the community. We felt this energy throughout of time there. It was truly amazing!

This trip truly one that I will never forget! This journey was worth every moment to see come to fruition. The joy and gratitude from our students, teachers, and families is one that has changed my life forever.

Enjoy the photos!

Carey Leader
Operations Manager