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A School Day at Sinendet Primary School


Sinendet primary school is currently under construction with two classrooms almost done and two currently being constructed. However the community started a school; teachers and students learning in temporary sheds poorly constructed from the locally available materials and with urgency since their children were going too far to access a school.

A normal morning starts at seven in the morning with teachers and students reporting at school. Teachers who come from outside the community take a while to get there arriving between seven and eight in the morning. Since almost all the students come from the closely structured village around the school ground they get there at time- an result of having a school in the village.

The lessons start at seven thirty or eight after a morning assembly. Each lesson goes for half an hour. There is a half an hour recess at ten before the lessons resume. The school has a feeding programme which sees students take their lunch from half past noon. For the lower primary -grades one to three- they got home after lunch. The upper primary section -grades four to eight- there are afternoon lessons which end at four then in the afternoon.

There is one major problem that has been disrupting the schedule, the rains. Kenya short seasonal rains have been pouring in heavily for the last month or so, this usually starts at two o’clock in afternoon. It has proved a major challenge forcing the upper primary section to go home earlier than necessary since the school is operating from temporary shelters that can hold up against the elements. Once the school is done this will be something relegated to history.