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Construction Update August 2014

Construction has began in our new project school (Sinendet) in Lemolo B community. In the last three weeks the community has ensured that everything goes very smoothly with this construction project. Two classrooms have been put up in a three weeks which is a big feat. This shows the enthusiasm the community has for the project. These classrooms are almost done except for roofing which is being done as of now (last week August).


DSC037043 Weeks Ago



Unlike in Lemolo A where all materials had to be brought in, the Lemolo B community has been suppling the project contractor with stone ballast. To show the solidarity with WTA, the community met and decide to supply the material at a cost lower than normal market value. These are encouraging signs that we will have very good working relationship with this new community.

DSC03710 DSC03708 DSC03707



Meanwhile in Lemolo A, the last building is almost complete. The administration block will have a teacher’s lounge, two offices for the headmsater and deputy headmaster and a school store. This building is also awaiting roofing which begins mid this week.

DSC03722 DSC03723