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David Cheres – Volunteering to teach a community


One of the key pillars of our work with various communities is partnership. It’s something we insist before going to work in a community. Initiative from the community is a good indicator of how well they will partner with us.
As you may know we have launched another school project in Lemolo B after finishing the work in Lemolo A in August this year. One of reasons we choose to partner with this community is the initiative the people of Lemolo B have. They choose to launch a school even though they don’t have a school building. The school started last year June with volunteer teacher teaching the younger kids who couldn’t go to far away school because of lack of a school in the community.
This initiative is not embodied by anyone more  than volunteer teacher David Cheres. David, himself a father of four  with three kids being in grade three and lower started teaching a few students under a tree and before long the whole community was bringing in their kids to the ‘school’. The community at this point got together and organized themselves to start a school. More volunteer teachers joined the David and another female teacher who was teaching kindergarten class.
As their efforts bloomed, they were able to organize and ask the government for professional teachers. In January this year, the government posted eight government teachers to their school which they named Sinendet Primary school. Now that WTA has started building a proper school building in the community, more and more students who used to travel far to other communities have opted to go to the neighborhood school.
David is now teaching the first grade alongside the professional teachers in the school. He has passion for teaching kids. As a community member he represents both teachers and parents in our interactions. Together with school chairman, the headmaster among others involved, WTA feels this project will succeed to improve access to education to Lemolo B community. We like partnering with this new community.

David Cheres