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After the launch of Kimugul Primary school on the 31st of July. We had an amazing night sharing the days experiences around an amazing camp fire. There’s no better way to share stories about our various experiences than around a huge camp fire in the evening.

On the third day we headed in Lemolo A and participated in putting final touches to the school building. Some people from the group took up jobs in masonry, other in painting the class rooms and Bob (one of the donors) got involved in carpentry. This jobs helped the group bond more with the community and the guys building the school.

In the afternoon we handed various presents that the group brought to the kids. Afterwards, some took nail painting and had ton of funs with the kids. Stu and I had fun playing soccer with the kids testing their new soccer balls.

On the last day of tour to Lemolo, we visited the Lemolo B community and meet with the community, teacher of newly established school- Sinendet Primary School. It was the official launch of this new project we are undertaking. Stu and Amy took time to address the people gathered to emphasize how we (WTA) operate and our commitment to building their school. Afterwards we headed back to Nairobi.

On Sunday (3rd August), the group visited the Giraffe Manor and Kazuri beads in Nairobi. This gave all of us a chance to shop and rewind after such an intense experience throughout.


The Touring leg

On the following day, the whole group departed to Masai Mara to see the great migration before returning four days later for one final dinner at the beautiful House of Waine hotel in Karen suburban of Nairobi.


They say a picture is worth thousand words. Here are some photo highlights of the experience.



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