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Donor Trip NUMBER TWO – Amazing!

Well, Stu and I just got back from ten days in Kenya on our second Donor Trip to the community of Rongai.

This was an extra special trip for myself personally, as I haven’t been back to Africa in over two years (Stu and I just had a baby girl a little over a year ago, so this had me staying put in Canada for a while).

As you can probably imagine, the trip was emotional on so many levels.  The whole group (25 of us!) arrived in Kenya on July 19th and then left the next morning to the small community of GIWA Farms where  WTA has built a primary school and now almost a high school.

After two hours of traveling south, we started to head down dirt roads, then I saw our first sign, Shalom Primary School, funded by World Teacher Aid Canada, with a sign pointing down the road.  My eyes were already watering…then it got we made our way down the road, we were greeted by over 100 children singing and dancing, holding up signs saying many different things, like Thank you For Your Support.  Thank you Donors…by  now I was crying.

We then jumped out of the vans and were drawn into a crowd of children singing and dancing, as we made our way into the school.  The children were proud to show their school.  Also there waiting for us was the Head Master of the school.

The atmosphere was incredible.  I felt so fortunate to be able to experience this with our donors as well as Stu and my mom.  The community was definitely very grateful for all that had been done to help them get started.

Long story short, the trip went so well.  In fact, I already have people wanting to go and signed up for our next trip in 2013.

Thank you to all of our donors who came on the trip.  It meant a lot to have them there, especially for them to take time out of their businesses to spend ten days in Kenya.  Thank you.