Notice: as of June, 2018, World Teacher Aid has rebranded as a new non-profit organization called Village Impact. Please visit the Village Impact website to stay up to date or to make a donation to World Teacher Aid

Wow, this week has been busy, not only with personal commitments such as family and friends weddings this past week, but also finalizing the last minute details for our first group trip wot Kenya.  Stu and I are so excited to have the honor to take 16 of our donors to Kenya, so they can see the difference they have made in Nakuru.

This trip includes some time at the IDP camp, helping to put the finishing touches on the school, as well as a visit to the orphanage that we help on a regular basis and then the end of the trip the donors will get a chance to experience a truce Africa Safari.

Make sure to come back soon to the site, to see some pictures.

If you are interested in coming with us next year, be sure to email us.  We would love to have you!

At the present time we are scouting out areas for our next school build, maybe you would like to help contribute to a classroom?

For further details on donation possibilities, please feel free to contact myself,  Thank you.