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Newsletter: (Summer) August 2014

By November 6, 2014WTA Updates


Welcome to this August (Summer!) edition of our WTA newsletter. Last month has seen some major events: the opening of the Kimgul Primary School in Lemolo A, the opening ceremony where Governor Mbugua donated uniforms and food for breakfast for all the students, and of course, the 2014 Donor Trip.

You can read about all of this on Sam’s excellent blogs he’s written, here and here. But I thought it would be neat if I brought you some the words from those who visited themselves.


“The trip to Kenya was beyond inspiring, educational and gratifying! Seeing the different stages the communities were in gave us a deep appreciation for how a school acts as a hub for the community as well as a source of pride.   The dancing, singing (and wildly enthusiastic kids) that greeted us at the each location showed how much the community appreciates the schools…and made me feel so happy and grateful to be part of it. I feel very proud to now be a small part of WTA!”

–          Jeri Miersky


“I just want everyone there to know that this was a trip of a lifetime for me! I loved every minute.  I was so moved by the big hearts of the Kenyan people, the difference that we were able to make by being willing to donate some funds to help children get an education, and the absolute beauty of the country. Bob and I were both overwhelmed and we left with our hearts full. We can’t wait to come back and I have been sharing my story and the photos with anyone who will listen. Thank you to Sam and Irene for your great example of selflessness and for all that you do for so many.”

–          Sue Diamond Potts


“Every trip has been great, but this one seemed special because by now you can see the difference in Shalom. You can see how the school has become an important hub in the community. A huge highlight was the tree planting the donors did. The community wanted the donors to plant a tree in memory of their time there.  It was really cool to see them become a long term part of the community. One of the most emotional moments, was when Nash (the lead builder in Shalom) joined us in the evening around the campfire. He spoke about the violence that drove him to Shalom all those years ago. There wasn’t a dry eye among us. The trip was very moving for everyone, and I could see how it was affecting and changing us all in the five days we were together.”

–          Amy McLaren (Founder of World Teacher Aid)


We’ll have another newsletter coming to you soon, a “back to school” special. The final term in the Kenya school systems starts on September 1st and Sam will be sharing with us as these schools and these incredible communities, continue to grow.

In the meantime, watch this amazing video that Chris Farrell made of Donor Trip 2014 to Shalom and Lemolo:

World Teacher Aid 2014

All pictures from Jeri Mersky.