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Teachers' Strike Off, Normal Learning Resume

As I reported in the first post of the year, government employed teachers (for public schools like our project schools) were on a strike. They were engaged in this industrial action as a negotiating tool for better remuneration although its something they tend to do every now and then. Yet, since last week Monday, schools have resumed normal operations and they are working fast to recover the ten days they lost on the strike.
However, in  our project schools (Except Shalom) the community had already organized an informal system where volunteers were already teaching classes so no real loss of time. This was something I can say I am proud of; these communities have embraced such willingness to educate their children even when national and industry politics are trying to interfere. Also since they had a volunteer system before the government teachers came in, it was  easier to organize for the children to keep learning instead of languishing at home.

Leonard, a community leader and volunteer teaching a class

Leonard, a community leader and volunteer teaching a class

But since last week the strike is off and normal learning is taking place in all our schools. In Shalom, more and more students are using the school almost approaching 800 something we had not foreseen when we first built a school there. In both Lemolo A & B, the school will be taking a top grade 8 which will sit for the first national exam at the end of the year. Springs high school will be admitting the third class in this year increasing the population to about 250 from 170 students last year.
In short, we are growing more and more and having an impact on more communities, students and families.