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Visit with Mandy and Krista

By March 27, 2014Uncategorized


On March 11 we received some visitors from Canada; Krista and Mandy. These lovely ladies got a chance to visit both the Shallom and Lemolo communities. They got a chance to see completed schools at Shallom that is Shallom primary school and Springs high school. In the evening we visited the site of the school being constructed. It was a nice walk through tour that hopefully highlighted what impact a school has on a community.

We arrived at Shallom primary school at around 1 pm in the afternoon a few minutes after the lunchtime recess. This afforded us a chance to meet and greet each grade in their classroom. The first grade had already left so the second grade received a present on their behalf. We also met the teachers who warmly welcome us into the school. Afterwards when a recess came on, Krista who is a professional photographer got a chance to take tons of photos while goofing of with students who thronged her. Mandy, Irene and I got a chance to go over to the high school where we met students and teachers going on about their day. Mandy (a former high school teacher) remarked that the students were usually quiet compared to high school students in Canada.

At around four in the evening we departed to Lemolo through some dusty back roads shortcuts saving a lot of time. We got to Lemolo before the school went out and got a chance to meet teachers and students of the newly established Kimugul primary school. We also interacted with community members on the construction site. Here, Krista got a proper entourage that followed her around while she took photos.
All in all we had a good time even barring the rough bumpy roads we endured. Personally, I hate going to Lemolo with a van because of the rough terrain I prefer my old trusted means of transport -the boda boda motorcycles- but it was worth the trouble.