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World Teacher Aid donors group trip is our biggest event in the year, happens around end of July and beginning of August. Each year we bring out the year’s biggest donors for a trip to see what their contributions are doing and interact with the communities we are working with. We also launch the most current project in conjunction with other stakeholders: the communities and the government.

This years’ donor group trip took place between July 20th and July 31st 2015. We were launching Safina Haji Primary school at the Haji farm in Subukia, Nakuru county. The construction for this school began in March 2015 and to see it ready for an official launch that fast was definitely a first for us here at WTA. This year also saw another first with donors coming in from Europe not just North America as it’s been in the past trips.

The donors started arriving on Monday 20th July with the last group getting in on Tuesday night. The next day we headed out from Nairobi -the capital- to Nakuru county where all our projects are presently located. Day One saw us visit Shalom primary school and Springs High schools in Giwa farm. These were our first two project schools in Kenya and served as a template on how to go about achieving our goal of improving access to education to rural community.

It was interesting for the group to see and experience the transformation that has happened in the community since WTA got involved and built the schools. This experience would serve to contrast with experience at the new community we just started working with and ‘sort of’ give an indication of what impact their contributions have on the beneficiary communities. For some returning donors, it was a good opportunity to catch up with community since their last trip back in 2011. These returning donors could give an unbiased opinion on the change they see after a few years. Later that evening we headed to the camp near the new school to be launched.

On the second day, we headed into Haji Farm community for an introduction and interactions with community. On our arrival the community gave us the best welcome I’ve seen ever since I started working with WTA. We were given a welcome that would make a hero in shining armor blush. We were greeted on our entrance into the community and had to alight from our vehicles and walk-jog is more like it- the rest of the way singing and dancing with the excited community for about a kilometer (half a mile). Even when we got to the school grounds there was almost an hour of dancing and singing as we introduced our selves and got to know the community.

After that amazing welcome we headed back to camp in the afternoon. Here saw an interesting turn of events, as the first van speed-ed back to camp, the remaining two vans got blocked off the road by a truck had just overturned carrying hay. It took a two hours detour around the area to get back into camp. Provided some with a scenic tour of the areas surrounding the community. It also meant we canceled the afternoon program and we had to be content for Day 2 with that amazing welcome which I’d suffice was enough.

To Be Continued…




A big Shalom welcome



Young and upcoming videographers



Check out the dancing

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