Notice: as of June, 2018, World Teacher Aid has rebranded as a new non-profit organization called Village Impact. Please visit the Village Impact website to stay up to date or to make a donation to World Teacher Aid

A busy time for WTA!

Its been a very busy few months for WTA! We are in the midst of building TWO schools simultaneously, adding a new full time Operations Manager and raising close to $200,000 in the last 2 months. It has been a whirlwind to see all the progress we are making.

With the help of our friends, Russell Brunson and the Clickfunnels community we raised over $45,000 at the Funnel Hacking Live Event in San Diego, California. The Funnel Hacking Live events has generously given over $91,000 in the last two years! The Clickfunnels community has given funds to help our schools to continue to flourish as we are in need of building additional classrooms to some of our current schools that are outgrowing their current space. Our very first school, Shalom Primary has outgrown it space. So these funds will be used to build additional classrooms to help with the student population growth. Thank you Russell and the Clickfunnels community for helping us change lives in Kenya!


Another long term friend of WTA, Jeff Walker and the Product Launch Formula community also helped us raised some funds in May. At the PLF Live event in Phoenix, Arizona, the PLF community raised over $148,000! This community continues to amaze us to how big-hearted they continue to be towards WTA. With these funds, we will start construction in the Molo community and as well as continue to improve Haji Farms High School. Thank you PLF for continuing to be so generous towards WTA!


Carey Leader
Operations Manager