About Us

W orld Teacher Aid is a Canadian charity committed to improving education throughout the developing world with a focus on IDP settlements (Internally Displaced Persons – communities that have been uprooted from their homes). Our current projects are within Kenya and Ghana.

As a charity we are committed to providing access to education for students within settled IDP Camps. We accomplish this vision through the renovation and/or construction of schools.

Before we begin working with a community, we ensure that they are on board with the goal. A community must be settled and show leadership before we commit to a project. We also look for commitment from the Government, ensuring that if we step in and build the school, that they will help support the ongoing expenses, such as teachers salaries, and more.

To date, World Teacher Aid has constructed eleven complete schools with a total of 84 classrooms, providing daily education for over 3000 students.

2010 – WTA became an official charity

August 2012 – Shalom Primary School

February 2013 – Springs High School

January 2014 – Sinendet Primary School

August 2014 – Kimugul Primary School

August 2015 – Safina Haji Primary School

February 2016 – Bright Hope Secondary School

February 2016 – Safina Haji Secondary School

August 2016 – Baraka Shalom Primary School