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Baraka Shalom stakeholders meeting and project launch


Last week, we held a stakeholders meeting in Baraka Shalom community (Molo) to officially launch the school project in the community.

The meeting was attended by

  • community members especially those with school going children whether at primary or kindergarten levels
  • local leadership represented by the representative to the county assembly (who was the instigator of the project on behalf of the community)
  • school administration lead by the school headmaster Mr. Richard Nyamiaka
  • World Teacher Aid Representative -that is me.

The meeting was an official endorsement on our working relationship between the concerned stakeholders. It is the first time the stakeholders met in the same meeting in this community.

Among the key objectives -which are important to the success of a project- were: clarifying the roles of everybody involved, addressing any concerned from the community before the project began and most importantly, managing the expectations of the community in regards to the projects.

So why is managing expectations such an important component in successful community projects? First, it makes the lives of those in community leadership much easier since almost every member of the community knows the extent of what is being done and how the projects is run. Therefore it is easier to ask for cooperation and avoid strife later on. Secondly, since it involves defining and clarifying the projects’ purpose and stakeholders roles, everybody is brought into the project. So there is more ownership of the school (project) by various parties.

I can report that as of 8th June, the contractor had began digging up the foundation for the school. There’s actual work going on the ground and hopefully by the first weeks of August most of the construction will be done.