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April 25, 2015

The Planting Season

The primary economic activity of the communities we work with is farming; to be exact subsistence small-scale farming. When resettlement was being implemented, a major consideration was enough farmland to accommodate the scores of people displaced from their original home…
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November 25, 2014

Construction Update November 2014

If you have been following us on Facebook, you may already know that we have ramped up construction on our second project in Lemolo community; specifically the Lemolo B community. The primary (elementary) school being constructed there has had its…
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November 6, 2014

A School Day at Sinendet Primary School

Sinendet primary school is currently under construction with two classrooms almost done and two currently being constructed. However the community started a school; teachers and students learning in temporary sheds poorly constructed from the locally available materials and with urgency…
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November 6, 2014

David Cheres – Volunteering to teach a community

One of the key pillars of our work with various communities is partnership. It's something we insist before going to work in a community. Initiative from the community is a good indicator of how well they will partner with us.…
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