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Construction Update March 2015

In the last month, we have began construction of our fifth school in Kenya. I introduced the Haji farm community in a post  as self starters who had already made a start on a school albeit with limited resources they had like a dilapidated colonial farm house they use as a school house. It is with pleasure to see that this project has commenced and now a permanent school bulding is sprouting in the middle of the village.

In two weeks, two classrooms have been put up and right now the contractor is roofing them. This has brought new energy into the community to see the much talked about project coming up and moving very first.Hopefully, we will be finishing construction as this year’s donors group trip comes to Kenya in mid July.

In even more good news, the Government has posted the first headmistress to the school, Ms. Wamae as a start to formalize the school and bring it into public school programme. This will be followed by posting of professional teachers to the school and provison of limied funds (from the Free Primary School Education Fund) in the next school term to cover some basic needs such as chalks and other teaching supplies.