Construction Update November 2014

If you have been following us on Facebook, you may already know that we have ramped up construction on our second project in Lemolo community; specifically the Lemolo B community. The primary (elementary) school being constructed there has had its construction timetable moved up significantly because we want to complete it sooner so that it can be used when the new school year begins in January 2015.

As of this writing we have built four of the eight classrooms intended, with another four coming up in the next six to eight weeks. Hopefully we can complete the classrooms by January 5th 2015, when students of Sinendet Primary school report back from end of year vacation. This will make learning at the school that much better since the students have been using temporary shacks that make learning a hustle especially when elements acts up. For instance in September I wrote of how the school was struggling to cope with a rainy season in the area.


Of course all these developments would not have been possible without the help of our supporters who have been giving very generously towards our projects. I can also announce that we intent to start another project; possibly in January. We intent to build a high school to serve both the Lemolo A & B communities. This has also contributed to a ramped up schedule to complete Sinendet Primary School.

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