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Electricity To Schools

For the last two year, the Kenya government has been planning to introduce technology inform of laptops to primary schools. However, the program has been met by various challenges both big and small.
One of the big obstacles] that has stood to make this dream unrealistic has been last of infrastructure like electricity to public schools. To this end, the ‘laptops for school’ program was halted to allow proper infrastructure to be put up. As of right now I can confirm that they are busy connecting every public primary school to the grid. Even our project schools that are far away from the grid have benefited from this government electrification program.

Sinendet and Kimugul schools in Lemolo B & A are in the process of getting connected. For Sinendet, by this week’s end. it will have power, which will be a huge boost to the community since they residents are also going to benefit from subsidized connection to the grid. Normally you would pay about $500+ to get connected but these residents may get connection for as low as $20.

All these developments have served to reinforce what we already know- a school in a community attracts other development projects and brings the community together as a cohesive unit. This is particular true in these new communities formed by people who were previously internally displaced from where lived originally. One resident told me ‘Good things happen when you build a school’ .

I am going to be monitoring this recent development and what effects it will have on the communities that until now was considered remote and cut-off.