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The 28th October 2016 will be the last school day for most of the students in Kenya. Those left in schools will be the candidates taking the national exams either at the primary school level or end of high school national exams. These candidates will be seat for their exams in November.

Thus it is time to reflect on what has happened in this school year.

20161018-dsc_0820First, we have managed to build three new schools; one primary school and two high schools. The two high schools admitted their first class in February this year and now have a collective 120 students learning in first and second years of high school.

In Lemolo, where Bright Hope High school started this year there has been a tremendous transformation with the community seeing a path for their kids to attend school beyond the basic education in the existing WTA built school. Students also do not have to attend far away schools in the next community over which just happens to be in the neighboring county, this has motivated those about to move from primary school to high school to study and qualify for the local school. Where it is nearer and manageable for their parents to cater for their fees.

In Haji farms, the high school is just beginning to take hold after few incidents earlier in the year that almost derailed our plans. Right now the school has over 50 students learning in the school. They are five community teachers working in the school teaching the 10 subjects commonly taken in high school level. The school is also in the process of registration with education authorities and soon there will be government teacher running the school and teaching here, hopefully more subjects will be covered to better prepare students for later life.

The last school built this year was Baraka Shalom school which we had the opportunity to launch during the last donor trip. This school has seen more students come in and they are anticipating a lot more students joining the school when 2017 school year starts.

Lastly, across all our schools we have began focusing more on improving the performance. We have plans to do better than this year come 2017 school year.