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On Wednesday this week teachers and students of Sinendet (Lemolo B) and Kimugul (Lemolo A) primary schools received new textbooks. There was excitement in the schools because this is the first time the students will be using textbooks in their classrooms. Previously, they had to do with a single copy borrowed from the nearest primary school. The teacher would use this copy to teach the whole class and it has been very hard to teach.

These books were a donation by a team at University of McGill. The team worked hard to raise money needed to purchase the textbooks.
World Teacher Aid wishes to thank this team for making this momentous milestone in Lemolo happen. Asante Sana (Thank You Very Much).
They include:

Helen Fountotos

Megan Venturino

Vanessa Guercio

Young Ho Claveau-Ferreira

Amelia Rackov

Esther Gutierrez-Aguilar

Samantha Joy Miraflor

Zoe Goulem

Rachel Lihnakis

Jonathan Miele

Sarah Ouellette

Mahrnoush Lari

Lia Ciarallo

Matthew Tosques

Nadine Abdel Shamy

Julia Giannacopoulos

Marilyne Beaumier

Francesca Rodriguez-Abante

Adriana Caruana

Jillian Agustin

Ashley Berardi

Textbooks provide tangible source of information to students. They make learning very real and easier even for the teacher. If will be easier for the teacher to give students some homework since they can use the textbooks to learn more than what was covered in the class.

For the Lemolo B school -Sinendet, these students will start ‘proper’ learning even before the construction of the school building starts. The school is storing these textbooks in the headmaster’s house and each morning they take what is needed for the day down to the school.