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Plans for Program Expansion

By September 22, 2016News, WTA Updates

As World Teacher Aid grows, we have decided to expand our program to do more in the existing schools even as we continue to build more schools. To this end, we recently held a principals (high school) and headmasters (primary/elementary) meeting to chat about what is ahead for our schools.

The meeting was held on Friday, 16th of September and was attended by the seven school heads from our eight schools as well as the WTA field representative, Sam and VICD (partner organization) Director, Irene.

This is a follow up meeting after a similar talk that happened during the last donor trip to Kenya. This meeting formalized of those impromptu talks which started as a chat on what can make our schools better.

WTA meeting on program expansionThe timing as we see it comes at a crucial time, as our communities we work in transition from just IDP resettlement farms into proper and normal communities like any other village/farming community in Kenya. Therefore, we want to move from just provision of school infrastructure to making the schools better with corresponding level of performance.

In the meeting we mainly sought to understand the challenges hindering good performance in the schools and strategies and solutions to the same. We discussed what every party can do to accomplish the goal of delivering quality education to our children in these poor communities to achieve a long term objective of improving the community by providing children with a better future.

WTA school heads meeting

Now that we have formulated the goals, and plans to go forward, I think it will be easier for WTA to create great schools on behalf of the donors who have invested in these communities building schools and other necessary amenities. It is also crucial to bring on board the community leadership and school administration to partake in this endeavor so that we do not create a top-down relationship, rather a common goal.