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Springs High School In Full Use

Next week Springs High School (our second project school overall and the first high school we built) will be admitting the fourth class since its establishment back in 2013. This will mark the first time the school has all the four classes/grades learning together. It will also be the first time that all the classrooms are utilized for learning purposes.

When the school was established, a policy of gradual admissions was chosen and hence the first class that enrolled in form one (grade nine) will be sitting for their national examinations at the end of the year. The policy meant that only those were graduating from the sister Shalom Primary School and other neighboring schools would receive admittance.

The school administration favored this system instead of letting students in all high school grades who wished to join the school to enroll. This was meant as a quality check and vetting parameter so that the rightly qualified students can enroll and developed into a proper school.

The second reason the school adopted this system even though the other model would have utilized most of the school resources immediately, is the fact that it was a brand new school that had limited resources especially at the beginning. Having one grade and the scaling from there meant that the school grew slowly and was able to use the limited resources and kept looking for more while learning was ongoing. Now there are more teachers from the government posted to the school alongside the community volunteers who started the school. There are more books as well as other resources required to run a school properly.

Thirdly, the school administration was able to shape and mold the culture of the school. Admitting students from the primary school meant that they didn’t import any undesirable school culture coming in from students who had attended a year or more from other high schools. This is obviously important in having the kind of discipline and culture desired.

As we embark to build more high schools to accompany the primary schools we’ve already built, this system may not always apply but we are glad it has worked for the Shalom community. It has met their needs. We are glad that there were donors who gave their resources to build a school that got its full use much later on. From now on all the buildings and resources will be utilized to the maximum. Thank you to all the donors who contributed towards the completion of Springs High School in Shalom.

Sam- Field Rep

Springs High School