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Stakeholders' Meetings

As we work on more and more project schools in Kenya, there’s few issues that I have been feeling need to be addressed: issues of improving performance and continuity. I am particularly concerned about creating a culture of excellence and accountability in our schools. This would be the best return on the investment; from our donors’ monies to our time and efforts. To this end, I took the initiative to organize stakeholders meetings in Lemolo A and B.

These stakeholder meetings brought the teachers, parents representatives together to a joint forum where we discussed where we are, what we wanted to achieve in the schools and setting goals for this year. I encouraged free sharing of any problems, grievances and suggestions on what to do in order to foster an atmosphere where issues are discussed and dealt with so that we can achieve the success we all want from these schools.

The first meeting in Lemolo A was an informal gathering with a few key teachers and parents representatives when I visited the school. We are yet to hold a larger gathering with everyone for a proper meeting. Nevertheless, we discussed some goals and ways to tackle some of the problems facing the school and causing performance to lag.

Last week we held meeting in Lemolo B which was much more formal and extensive than the earlier meeting in Lemolo A. All the teachers and parent representatives were present in the three hour long meeting. I was encouraged to see that everyone participated in contributing ideas and solutions to problems facing the school in a sharing and caring manner. At the end of the meeting, we set a few action points which I will follow up on in order to see we achieve the goals we set. This meeting also set up a good platform on which future consultations can take place.

This kinds of meetings will alter our interactions with the communities from where we build the school and let things run from there to where we share ideas to make things even better after completion of the school buildings. This in my opinion improves performance and deepens our participation in making lives better. At the end of the day, a better educated child is an investment into the community and anything that works to this end should be tried.

I am looking forward to expanding these meetings to all the schools.

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