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The $100,000.00 Story

By January 21, 2016Donations, WTA Updates

group photoLet’s travel back about a year ago. Stu McLaren and I decided to put on a workshop for the charity. The intent was that all the funds raised would go to World Teacher Aid, the charity my husband Stu and I founded several years ago.

This workshop would be a retreat in a large home in California. A retreat where like minded people would come together. The guests would learn from Stu and a friend about building and marketing membership sites.

We found the house, booked it and then life happened. Some personal things came up on both sides and we had to postpone the event.

We changed the date two times. Finally, we settled on a date in early November.

Then finally, the date was upon us and we were scrambling.

This is when the magic happened.

Stu sent an email to his Mastermind Group (a mastermind group is a group of individuals who meet a few times a year to help each other with their business). He basically asked for advice in how he should market the event.

Truth be told, at this point, we were just looking to cover our costs of producing the event because the thought of raising additional funds felt like it was beyond us at that point. It felt like we had left things too late again.

After a few emails back and fourth about the details of the house, Reid Tracy, the CEO of Hay House wrote this:

I will pay for the house rental (That’s $10,000.00).
I will donate $100,000.00 to World Teacher Aid.
I will guarantee another $50,000.00, if Stu teaches all he knows about Membership sites to 10 of us in this group.

So, long story short, in a single email, we had not only covered the cost of the event but we had raised enough to essentially build an entire school!
It also meant we were full steam ahead with the plans of creating a fun experience for a group of amazing entrepreneurs in a beautiful house on the beach in California.

In some ways, I still can’t believe this actually happened. People can be so generous and at the same time so inspiring.

A huge THANK YOU to Hay House Publishing and Reid Tracy for helping make this event a MEGA success for everyone involved!

Not only was it a great event for everyone that attended, but the ripple effect of everyone’s generosity will now impact hundreds of children who will be able to go to school.

We never take this generosity lightly. We are incredibly grateful.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

By Amy McLaren- Founder of World Teacher Aid