Notice: as of June, 2018, World Teacher Aid has rebranded as a new non-profit organization called Village Impact. Please visit the Village Impact website to stay up to date or to make a donation to World Teacher Aid

As we begin to take steps to start closing out the year, WTA will begin taking steps towards a new mission and vision in the way we will continue to support our schools and communities.

During our Board Retreat this past summer, the Board along with Amy & Stu, have decided to start implementing three phases for each school. With these three stages, our goal is that it will bring a continuing sustainability in our communities.

Our hope is to accomplish this vision through these three stages

  • Make it HAPPEN — This first stage will be the construction of a new school community. We will continue to use the model of building a primary first and then build a high school. This allows us to get our presence in a community to help bring sustainability.
  • Make it AWESOME — During the second phase our goal is to make our schools the best in the area. Our goal is help provide provisions for a feeding program, electricity, internet lab, school counselor and much more. This phase we are hoping will allow the community to flourish and become sustainable.
  • Make it LAST — We have yet to start this phase but our goal is to provide a place for graduates of our schools to go if they want secondary education. Our goal is to build an “Entrepreneurial College” with the intent of helping people start their own successful business.

This is an exciting time for WTA. If you would like further information, on how you can partner with us, please feel free to contact .

Carey Leader
Operations Manager